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Pharmaceutical Doors

Pharmaceutical Doors

The pharmaceutical industry has its own specific combination of requirements regarding hygiene, security and control in its working environment. Where explosive gases or powder are present, spark- free technology is essential. Automated door systems have to take all these matters into account from the design stage onwards to ensure the optimum outcome.
Rol-Trac and the pharmaceutical industry

Rol-Trac has experience spanning four decades in looking after the particular requirements of ‘blue chip’ pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer Inc, GlaxoSmithKline Plc UK and Sanofi-Aventis Ltd UK. We are constantly learning the ever changing conditions in this sector, having been presented with, and solved, many related challenges in the past. Often we can incorporate existing compressed air services into the intrinsically safe door system or find alternative solutions for generating power.
Big automated doors for other industries

Other market sectors are often governed by similar constraints and conditions, such as:

The chemical industry
The food and drink industry
Clean rooms and laboratories

Rol-Trac has extensive knowledge and experience in these sectors, working closely with clients. We also seek to increase our business relationships with specialist door manufacturers in the UK and abroad.

Please contact Rol-Trac about your automatic door system requirements.

Roltrac Pharmaceutical Doors mechanisms are designed with the principal of minimal friction and rolling resistance requiring reduced force to overcome inertia.
This has resulted in systems displaying remarkable reliability of over 40 years service in the most inhospitable places on earth.

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