We work closely with Architects and Engineers on all projects.

Architects and Engineers

Project Support For Architects and Engineers

With over 40 years of experience designing, building, installing and maintaining door automation systems, our team is at your disposal for all matters technical, practical and legal when it comes to the specification and installation of automated door mechanisms.

Our technical support team can:-

  • Conduct a site survey to assess the needs of the project and identify any potential challenges.
  • Recommend specific door automation systems that are compatible with the existing building infrastructure and that meet the specific needs of the users.
  • Provide technical support during the installation and commissioning of the system.
  • Train the building staff on how to use and maintain the system.Troubleshoot any problems that may arise with the system.

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We offer three types of Automatic Door Mechanisms...

Siding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated mechanisms for sliding doors are capable of opening doors weighing in excess of 5,000 Kg.

swing / pivot door mechanisms

Automatic Swing or Pivot Door Mechanisms

Our range of automatic swing or pivot door mechanisms can opperate a wide range of door types up to 3,000 Kg.

Folding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Folding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated, available as hydraulic or pneumatic systems and capable of opening doors weighing up to 350 tonnes.