Banking Doors

We have been fitting Bank doors the world over since 1977

Automated Bank Door

Secure doors for Banking

We have been fitting doors for the Banking sector since 1977 the world over.

The Banking Sector has a broad range of door requirements ranging from customer facing, retail doors that can be made secure in the event of an emergency, through to blast proof doors to protect valuable assets.

We offer a wide range of automated door mechanisms that can be tailored to support any kind of opening.

We offer three types of Automatic Door Mechanisms...

Siding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated mechanisms for sliding doors are capable of opening doors weighing in excess of 5,000 Kg.

swing / pivot door mechanisms

Automatic Swing or Pivot Door Mechanisms

Our range of automatic swing or pivot door mechanisms can opperate a wide range of door types up to 3,000 Kg.

Folding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Folding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated, available as hydraulic or pneumatic systems and capable of opening doors weighing up to 350 tonnes.

Case Studies

Karolinska University Hospital

East Ham MTU – London

Prison Door Automation – Saudi Arabia

Customer Support...

Architects and Engineers - small

Architects and Engineers

Full support offered to Architects and Engineers when specifying or installing our door automation systems.

Automated door spares and repairs - small

Spares and Repairs

As we manufacture our mechanisms in-house we have a full back-catalogue of spare parts in our UK based warehouse.

automated door mechanism maintenence - small

Service Agreements

Many of our doors have been operating without issue for over 40 years thanks to our service and maintence team.