East Ham MTU – London

Custom Fit Rail Shed Doors
automated rail shed doors installation
East Ham MTU – London
British Rail required 11 sets of Rail Shed End Doors that could be automated and work around overhead cables and low level railway lines which would prevent a standard automated door from operating correctly.
We utilised our Rol-Trac RT61 at the door head with the door weight taken by heavy duty adjustable  hinges. Steel frame, galvanised folding door sets finished in black & yellow chevrons completed the job.
The doors are still functioning today with over 40 years of reliable service.
Height: 5 meters
Width: 5 Meters
Weight: Up to 1,000kgs
Power:  Clients air supply
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We offer three types of Automatic Door Mechanisms...

Siding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated mechanisms for sliding doors are capable of opening doors weighing in excess of 5,000 Kg.

swing / pivot door mechanisms

Automatic Swing or Pivot Door Mechanisms

Our range of automatic swing or pivot door mechanisms can opperate a wide range of door types up to 3,000 Kg.

Folding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Folding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated, available as hydraulic or pneumatic systems and capable of opening doors weighing up to 350 tonnes.