Our fully automated folding door mechanisms can be used on any door type up to and in excess of 350 tonnes.

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Fully Automated Folding Door Mechanisms

We have been making folding door mechanisms since 1977 and supply and fit them all over the world.

Capable of opening and closing any type of door irrespective of size and weight, we offer both pneumatic and hydraulic operating systems which can be operated by any kind of automation from simple buttons to complex computer systems.

Below is an overview of our standard models, all of which can be adapted to suit any purpose imaginable.

Explore Our Range Of Folding Door Mechanisms

Our folding door mechanisms come in two basic models which can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
This gives us maximum flexibility to apply our mechanism to any kind of door.


RT60 Folding Door Mechanism

RT60 was designed in 1980 to provide automation for folding doors up to 1000kgs.

Centrally guided with upper track and adjustable A655 hinges, the design is particularly suitable for applications with railway lines traversing the aperture.

Coupled with a suitable door design the RT60 is used with overhead power (catenary) lines.

RT68 Folding Door Mechanism

RT68 is a development of our RT60 model but specifically for security doors without availability to slide.

Centrally guided with upper track and adjustable A655 hinges, the design features a lower rail across the aperture with a double wheel bogie.

Examples Of Our Folding Door Mechanisms

Because of how versatile our design approach is, our sliding door mechanisms can be applied to almost any type of door requirement you can imagine.

We offer three types of Automatic Door Mechanisms...

Siding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated mechanisms for sliding doors are capable of opening doors weighing in excess of 5,000 Kg.

swing / pivot door mechanisms

Automatic Swing or Pivot Door Mechanisms

Our range of automatic swing or pivot door mechanisms can opperate a wide range of door types up to 3,000 Kg.

Folding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Folding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated, available as hydraulic or pneumatic systems and capable of opening doors weighing up to 350 tonnes.