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Window Cleaning System

Window Cleaning System

Keeping windows clean is a relatively simple task, unless they happen to be a long way off the ground or in very inaccessible areas. Cradles, harnesses, cherry pickers etc may be an option, but these can bring their own logistical, cost and health & safety problems.

Introducing the Rol-Trac Window Cleaning System…

A recent addition to our portfolio is our exclusive Window Cleaning System, a new product that solves a real problem in a very simple way.

Rol-Trac has developed a patented mechanism whereby a modified window frame can be fed water and cleaning solutions from inside the building. An engineered wiper system attached to a track at the top of the window frame then moves across the width of the glass, cleansing the surface thoroughly before returning to its starting position.

  • Cleans windows up to 30 metres in width.
  • Operating time per cleaning cycle is just a few minutes, dependent on size.
  • Available in different material frames, such as aluminium or stainless steel.
  • The water can be collected and recycled, especially useful in hot countries.
  • Windows can be cleaned 24 hours per day without regard to climatic conditions.
  • We intend to make all service to the mechanism capable from inside the building.

An exclusive Window Cleaning System

As well as its functional features, we see the Rol-Trac Window Cleaning System appealing to discerning owners of prestigious offices or exclusive accommodation. This system helps to differentiate client premises from the crowd and as such will appeal to architects, property management companies and owners of modern upmarket buildings of all types. It may also have application in panorama viewing from Cruise Ships and Official buildings.

Rol-Trac is keen to forge business relationships with suppliers, intermediaries and others in the property business, who may be interested in working with us in promoting the potential of this highly innovative product.

Please contact us to discuss the Rol-Trac Window Cleaning System.

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