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Transport Door Systems

Transport Door Systems

Companies in the transport sector have very individual requirements when it comes to protecting vehicles and staff from the elements etc. Most use roller shutter type doors but these are impracticable where overhead electric catenary cables power the vehicles.
Door systems for the transport industry

Specialist door systems are used by rail, tram, bus and fleet vehicle companies to name but a few examples. Automatic doors ensure that vehicles and other means of transport can be stored safely at night or when not in use. Rol-Trac has a particularly strong relationship with rail and tram companies, enabling them to solve a number of difficult challenges:

Before the privatisation of British Rail, we designed, manufactured and installed over 150 sets of automatic folding gates, value several million pounds
A typical problem to overcome was the fact that the rail running through expanded at different rates inside and out, preventing the folding doors from closing
The presence of overhead powerlines also created problems – one being preventing the incidence anything like a broken chain or wire rope dropping down onto the power cables.
Excessive Windage on elevated areas of railway maintenance yards even in urban areas

Rol-Trac and transport door systems

These large automatic doors are built to last for 40 years or more and Rol-Trac ensure that they continue to function efficiently by operating a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Please contact Rol-Trac for further details.

Roltrac Transport Door Systems mechanisms are designed with the principal of minimal friction and rolling resistance requiring reduced force to overcome inertia.
This has resulted in systems displaying remarkable reliability of over 40 years service in the most inhospitable places on earth.

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