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Big Sliding Doors

Big Sliding Doors

Automated sliding doors

The inherent safety of sliding door systems is the paramount reason for its adoption in most industrial and commercial applications, however, every customer requirement is different and sometimes a truly bespoke approach is necessary to meet the challenges and objectives involved.
Rol-Trac Big sliding doors Up to 4000kgs

With over 35 years’ experience in automated door systems, we have built an enviable reputation in this field. Sliding door systems are a particular speciality and a major sector of our business.

Many installations have been in difficult or unusual areas where an individual approach is called for. For example, a commercial or retail entrance will require all control equipment to be silent and neatly hidden away, whereas industrial & security environments tend to have more robust requirements.

Sliding door leaves are available in a multitude of materials suitable for nearly all market sectors, such as industry, commerce, pharmaceutical, X-Ray, security and transport. Whilst usually working closely with a specialist door manufacturer, Rol-Trac is accustomed to putting together our own ‘packages’ when the situation dictates.

Please contact Rol-Trac to discuss your requirements for Big automated sliding door systems.

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