Security Door Systems

Security Doors

As crime increases, or more specifically the perception of crime, the demand for improved security also rises. This applies to people in their homes, at work and every aspect of life in the UK and abroad covering the two major requirements... Where they want the project to look like a fortress...

...And where they don't.

Rol-Trac security door systems

Rol-Trac specialises in providing bespoke automatic door systems for a wide range of applications, in particular where BIG heavy doors are required.

Over 30 Years of working with Chubb worldwide has provided a wealth of ideas for organisations seeking to improve the efficiency of their security installation.

  • Correction facilities and prisons.
  • Banks and Bullion storage.
  • National Defence establishments.
  • Sensitive staff protection.

The equipment we provide can, with minimal training, be serviced by clients 'in house' engineering staff, this avoids compromising security by using external engineers.

If you have any queries about how Rol-Trac can solve your security door problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.