NDT/X-Ray Protection

Areas where Non DestructiveTesting of metals and Patient X-rays are carried out, require full protection for operators. As the door leaves therefore include significant amounts of lead, these are among the heaviest doors in the world. A robust automatic door system is an essential part of this facility.

During over 30 years of X-Ray door and system design, we have amassed a wealth of experience which we are pleased to share with Clients, often working in tandem with specialist lead door manufacturers and other intermediaries.

NDT door systems

These are invariably bespoke, as customer specifications require a multitude of factors to be taken into consideration. We have provided NDT door systems to many companies including a major installation at Ras Laffan in Qatar:

Each door weighed over 22 tonnes and was supported on Rol-Trac heavy duty wheel boxes running along a steel track. This was recessed into a 600mm deep trench and retained with top supports.

The doors were fitted with an emergency backup facility in the event of power failure, complete with all necessary safety systems, warnings lights, and alarms.

Other major installations over the last 40 years have included protective doors of 38 and 42 tonnes in Aberdeen and a 50 tonne sample at The Welding Institute in Cambridge

X-Ray hospital door systems

X-ray doors are often the "iron fist in the velvet glove" - or in this case the functional lead-lined steel door with an attractive, unobtrusive exterior, designed to put the general public's mind at rest as much as possible. Diagnostic and therapy departments must ensure that radiology and radiotherapy staff, those working close to a radiation source, patients and members of the public are only exposed to the minimum amount of radiation.

Rol-Trac has installed X-ray door facilities in many hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, such as the examples shown here at Gartnaval Hospital in Glasgow, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and a 20 tonne leaf at Harley Street London clinic.

Rol-Trac Protective door systems

We have been proud to provide Protective Door Systems in a wide variety of scientific, medical, laboratory and industrial environments. Working closely with specialist door manufacturers, learning all the requirements and always keen to build and maintain business relationships with new reputable equipment providers in the UK and elsewhere.

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