Defence & Prison Doors

The ultimate in security can be found when door systems are required in defence or prison environments. There can be no compromise whatsoever in these situations in terms of quality, build or reliability.

Rol-Trac systems are suitable for self-maintenance by inhouse staff with minimal instruction - a real benefit for secure or sensitive applications. We have an excellent track record and reputation in design, manufacture and installation of automatic door systems in both prison and defence sectors.

Defence automatic door systems

Automatic door systems for defence applications up to and including the nuclear deterrent are governed by the strictest security regulations to ensure a formidable barrier. Everything from the basic door and running gear manufacture through to the latching mechanisms, security lock sets, hinges and of course the automatic operating systems have to operate to the highest standard to ensure personnel protection, explosion containment and other requirements.

Rol-Trac works closely with specialist door manufacturers, clients and intermediaries to produce consistently successful projects.

Prison door systems

Similar expectations apply to the prison sector. This includes Prisons, Immigration Detention Centres, Young Offenders Institutes, Police Stations and Government Courts which require holding facilities.

We understand the specific requirements of the prison and detainment sector. It is not enough that a security door is inherently strong and robust - it must confirm this fact to the senses so that the perception of impregnability is reinforced. For example, it must have the visual appearance of being immensely strong and even the sound of the door slamming and the key turning adds to the impression of total security.

Rol-Trac automated defence and prison doors

Rol-Trac has been involved in projects around the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, the Middle East and of course the UK. We have worked with some of the major defence and prison door manufacturers and continue to build new links in this sector.

Please contact Rol-Trac if you require any further information about prison and defence door systems.