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Commercial Door Systems

Commercial Door Systems

Big commercial doors, shopfronts, architectural doors and heavy glazed door systems For shops, offices and other customers in the commercial sector, an automated door system has to fulfil many criteria. The objective is usually to strike a balance between:

Functionality – ensuring it is fit for purpose.
Style – it must look the part as far as its customers and the general public are concerned.
Security – protecting against unauthorised entry, and
Reliability – in working environments, continuous operation is essential.

Rol-Trac commercial door systems

Since the 1970’s, Rol-Trac has been designing, manufacturing and installing exotic shopfronts, architectural doors and heavy glazed doors for the retail and commercial sectors. Automatic door operating systems are our stock in trade and we have built up an excellent reputation in commercial markets worldwide.

On occasions we have also provided automated door systems for prestigious domestic households, where owners require a high quality bespoke solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your commercial door system requirements.

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