Prison Door Automation – Saudi Arabia

Door automation for 70°C ambient temperature with zero maintenance

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

The client required heavy door automation for 76 sets of slide gates ranging from 100 to 3,000kgs in weight. The ‘tricky part was, ‘the doors must be able to operate in for 70°C ambient temperatures without maintenance’. Challenge accepted.


We used our RT45 and 50 standard slide door automations which are all still fully operational after 40 years of service.


Height: Various up to 6 meters
Width: Various up to 6 meters
Power: 240v 13 amp
Leaf weight: Up to 3,000kgs

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We offer three types of Automatic Door Mechanisms...

Siding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated mechanisms for sliding doors are capable of opening doors weighing in excess of 5,000 Kg.

swing / pivot door mechanisms

Automatic Swing or Pivot Door Mechanisms

Our range of automatic swing or pivot door mechanisms can opperate a wide range of door types up to 3,000 Kg.

Folding Door Mechanisms

Automatic Folding Door Mechanisms

Fully automated, available as hydraulic or pneumatic systems and capable of opening doors weighing up to 350 tonnes.