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Engineering Bespoke Automatic Doors that Slide, Swing and Fold.

NEW RELEASE.. Under floor door automation. Compact and Quiet, Designed for the heaviest duty.

Rol-Trac, quite simply, specialises in big, heavy automated door systems. Very few manufacturers of large scale doors remain and Rol-Trac is proud to continue a 35 year tradition of supplying high quality bespoke doors and gates to a variety of customers throughout the world.

  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of big automated doors and gates together with full backup service and maintenance.
  • Automated door systems for a wide range of bespoke applications worldwide.
  • Underfloor Door Operator, Concealed automatic door system, Hidden auto door system.
  • Automatic sliding door, folding door, swing door and heavy door systems.
  • Big automated door systems for the security, transport, pharmaceutical, defence, healthcare and commercial sectors.
  • Interlocking 'sallyport' sequences and remote control stations.
  • Rol-Trac design to UK government requirements of 40 years life.
  • All the standard products require only a single phase electrical supply.

Rol-Trac bespoke automatic doors... An Assembly of Assemblies.

The provision of special purpose automatic door systems is our strength. Only occasionally are two orders the same, but reliability, durability and an all-round high quality of service are consistent in everything Rol-Trac undertake. Customers can rely on us to work with them to learn and fully understand their project even in the most challenging situations and environments.

To avoid the unreliability of 'special' equipment, Rol-Trac combine a selection of 'tried and tested' assemblies. This Assembly of Assemblies provides the vital reliability factor in a 'one off' project.

We also take pride in building up excellent business relationships with a variety of specialist manufacturers and are always pleased to speak with new contacts in the industry for mutual benefit. [Click here if you are interested in becoming a Strategic Partner of Rol-Trac]

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Please take a little time and browse our website. We thrive on challenges and are very competitive on quality, delivery and price and look forward to hearing about your plans.

Alan Benson
Managing Director
Rol-Trac (Automatic Doors) Ltd